Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shoelaces That Won't Come Undone

Back a quarter century ago, when I was trying to get a double knot out of three-year-old Clay's shoe, my friend Barb Brainard taught me how to tie a bow knot that would not come undone, yet could be released by pulling on one end, just like a regular bow knot. Since in our church we call members of our congregation Brother and Sister, Clay and I started calling this the 'Sister Brainard Knot' and it has kept that name through the years.

I will now instruct you in the art of tying the Sister Brainard Knot.

Begin as you would a regular bow knot by tying right-over-left and pulling it tight.

Tie the bunny ear as a regular bow knot, but do that about 2-to-three inches above where your first knot was, leaving an empty circle between the two knots.

Take one ear and adjacent lace end and bring them through the circle between the bunny ears and the first knot.

Pull the ears tight, just as you would on a regular bow knot.

You now have your laces tied in a knot that will not come undone.

To undo the knot, just pull on one of the shoelace ends. It offers just a bit more resistance than a regular bow knot.

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Anne Bradshaw said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing, Liz. I'm getting a shoe in here to try. My shoes always come undone when speed walking.