Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Update on Hani's Family in Gaza

Here’s an update on Hani, my young Palestinian friend, whose family was caught in the crossfire in the recent Israeli incursion into Gaza.

Hani’s cousin, a young woman of twenty-two ,was killed by a sniper. She and Hani had been raised in the same house and were very close. She had stayed behind when the families fled from the dangerous section of the city because her grandparents were too aged and infirm to leave. One morning, as she was standing in the kitchen talking to her brother, a shot came through the window and mortally wounded her. She died a couple days later.

Hani reports that all of his immediate family are safe. His sister had a baby during the early days of the conflict, but mother and child are doing well. His oldest sister’s house was hit by shells and her bedroom burned, and along with it her whole wardrobe, but there was no injury to anyone. Hani says that his mother’s prayers have changed, becoming more detailed and thankful that she and her children have sound arms and legs.

Things sound pretty grim, but even among the recital of destruction and devastation, you see a spirit of resilience and survivorship. I hope you’ll keep Hani’s family in your prayers.

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elleskiles said...

Thank you for letting us know what is going on. It really puts LIFE into perspective. There are such strong people here on earth.